With apologies.   A very long time and no words

Where I live, we recently had an “ice storm.” It was about -2 or 3 C and it rained. At this temperature, ice forms on pretty well everything. Our maples had budded and the load of ice on the small bud laden branches was too much for many of the tree’s branches. They came down and we had an interesting day. This area went through a 7-day ice storm in January 1998. More ice, similar local damage and because then we lost poles as well as power lines, a lot longer time to put the electricity delivery system back in order

This year although the power was out, it was more localized and the poles didn’t suffer as 25 years ago. Still, the cleanup was a bit of work.

When I was cleaning up, I noticed a couple of “humans are a funny species” items:

  1. Dog walkers on a whole seem to be very responsible on picking up after their pets. (Quite a change from even 15 years ago when the spring lawn had unplanned sometimes messy volunteer fertilizer.) However there are a few who seem to have missed the purpose of bagging the stuff. There were a number of nicely wrapped fille baggies chucked into hedges. How can a person pick up the poop and then just throw it back hermetically sealed in a bag?
  2. Clean up was fun. Our local municipality opened sites where cleaned brush could be dropped off. The site where I took the brush from our trees, I saw pickup trucks pulling trailers filled with brush. Not bad, but a number of the boxes of the pickups were not used. The owners kept their “truck” bed clean and under tonneau covers. And I thought trucks were for moving stuff.

the Plaidneck