Unfortunately, I’m no historian nor political scientist, but in light of some recent events, shouldn’t we more concerned?

Here is a kind of back and forth comparing two imperialistic nations actions against their neighbours.

Germany of first half of 1900s vs Russia today
1814 – German Confederation (a loose alliance)
1871 – Imperial Germany (included Poland)
1918 – Weimar Republic
1933 – Nazi Germany

1917 – Russian Revolution
1922 – USSR created – Russian led


1919 – Germany lost 13% of its European territory and all its colonies

1989 – Warsaw Pact (Poland, Czechoslovakia Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, East Germany) disolved
1989 – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania broke away from USSR
1991 – USSR ceased to exist
Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerjbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kaxakhstan become countries on their own
Russia is separate with some alliance with 5 former vassals.


Early 1930s – right wing agitation results in rise of Nazi party and appointment of Hitler as German Chancellor

2000 Vladimir Putin (former KGB officer) becomes President of Russia (President 2000 – 2008; Prime Minister 2008 – 2012; President 2012 – present)


1935 – Saar Basin reclaimed by Germany

2008 – Russia/Georgian War.
Russia occupies Abkhazia and South Ossetia areas of Georgia


1936 – remilitarized the Rhineland and supported Spanish fascists

2013/4 – Russian influenced Ukrainian President’s repudiation of closer EU alignment. Led to a political activity and a Legislative assembly change of President.


1938 – Anschluss – annexation of Austria (under the threat of military invasion) claiming Germanness of Austrians as the rationality.
Other European countries offered no assistance to Austrian Governmen

March 2014 – clandestine occupation and influenced referendum annexation of Crimea under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians. Western countries offered verbal assistance only


1938 – made claims on the Sudetenland area in Czechoslovakia (high ethnic German population).
Occupied the Sudetenland with agreement of UK and France for the promise of no further territorial demands.
However, forced Cz to cede additional territory and was upset that Allied countries didn’t give him the rest of Cz

April 2014 – attempting the further annexation of Ukrainian territory under the guise of protection ethnic Russians (approximately 40% of population in 2 eastern and 25% in the next most eastern Ukrainian provinces).
Communications intercepts indicate heavy Russian involvement.


1939 – invaded rest of Czechoslovakia
Sept 1939 – Germany Invaded Poland. France, UK, Commonwealth declared war
April 1940 – Germany invaded Denmark and Norway
May 1940 – Germany invaded Netherlands, Belgium, France

WW 2


Shouldn’t we be more concerned?

The Plaidneck