CBC radio is a bit of an addiction. I have it and I’ve found that many of us have it.

Recently during an interview of an American entertainer that entertainer said he thought Canada function a lot like a matriarchy. I believe he considered this a compliment.

As simply put a I can, a matriarchy is a society ruled by mothers. I once had a colleague who described our job (we held the same position with different employers) as mothering our primary systems. In a pique of politically correctness, I said “parent?”. His answer was “no; Mother, there’s a difference”. There is a connection between mother and child. If a matriarchy reflects that difference, Canada functioning like one is a good thing.

Another interview with a successful Canadian entertainer provided another insight into what makes a Canadian.

The interviewer kind of hinted that it would be Ok for the singer to take full credit for his success. The quintessential self made man.

The singers response was although he could be credited with making the most of his opportunities, he was in a lot of ways lucky.

He was lucky to have been born into a loving, supportive, musical family.
He was lucky to have been born in a place that appreciated and nurtured its children.
He was lucky that the opportunity to sing came when he was ready and capable.

The difference between this and “self made” is the lack of emphasis on the “I”. Being lucky and making full use of that luck is a very different outlook than I did it all myself.

Our constitution contains the words “peace order and good government”. These watch words make us a very different nation than our southern neighbours “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

I like that difference. Hopefully we are able to maintain it.

The Plaidneck