The other day, I saw the unfortunate image of the great outdooorsman (yes male)

I saw a vehicle pulling a trailer loaded with a side by side UTV

The vehicle was a crew cab Ford F 250. The added features that caught my attention were a wilderness scened full width mud flap. The picture depicted the bottom of a treeline and that treeline’s full reflection in a very still body (assumed it to be a lake or large pond) of water. It also had a back window decal of another wilderness scene. This one was a forest clearing with a couple of deer browsing on brush.

The trailer was decently built.

The trailer was carrying a sport model side by side Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), which appeared to be a Kawasaki KRX. The trailer was built to the maximum width and the UTV took most of the available width.

It appears that the outdoorsman, for his recreation, drives to his the terrain of choice in a vehicle using 17.5 l/100 km (about 16 miles/imperial gallon). When there he fires up and drives his small engined machine as a means of getting around. Although small engines are improving, they still don’t have the pollution control of an automotive engine. When finished, he will then load up and drive back home.

I live close to one of the local ATV trails. These machines aren’t quiet. When walking a trail, skiing or snow shoeing (in season) it’s amazing how much you take in by listening. The din of recreational vehicles diminishes that enjoyment. I wonder how much natural sound gets in through the CSA approved helmet?

One of the recommended ways of maintaining a reasonable level of fitness is walking. The simplest MO. is to walk about 30 minutes a day, every day.

So our great outdoorsman ??

The Plaidneck