I just listened to a politician again say that is what “I” want for Canadians.

This was while speaking on behalf of our government.

People are diverse, government attempts to, hopefully through discussion and compromise/agreement, lead as a group, not via an individual.

The proper phrase would be what “we” want for Canadians. Maybe if our political leaders would use the “us” in their process and the rhetoric, we might not be (as it seems to be happening) devolve into leader lead cultism

Another part of this type of statement is the for “Canadians” bit – often prefaced by “all”.

I know that our government is for all and in order for a society to work properly, there must be a common law/rule before which we all are equal. I do; however, disagree with a politician intimating that her/his thoughts are mine. I’m enough of a contrarian to, at times, see things a bit differently. The politician may speak for us, he often doesn’t speak for me, there’s a difference.

My neighbours have a saying that is totally appropriate. “Vive la difference”

The Plaidneck