Who should lead a country?

Probably someone who is knowledgeably, curious, honest, wise and empathetic. Somehow, we don’t seem to get a chance to chose from those people. In most political parties, there have to be many who exhibit these demeanours.

I worked my entire professional career as staff reporting to and taking direction from a council of elected people. Very rarely did any of them not show at least strong evidence of at least three of these traits and leanings toward the other two. I find it difficult to believe that someone, who doesn’t learn, isn’t curious, doesn’t know how others feel or can’t keep stories straight gets selected by people like my bosses to lead a party of peers. Wisdom is a bit rarer, but hopefully there in some form or other.

Why is it that often the crud rather than the cream rises to the top?

I understand different philosophies lead to different choices. This is what we want, but considered differences. The back and forth of “I hear you” “I agree with this but not that” can lead to some very wise decisions.

However, in my view, the current “leader of the Free world” (being from a smaller but proud country, this seems a bit ostentatious) doesn’t exhibit a lot of knowledge, has a low level of curiosity, isn’t honest, lacks empathy and is nowhere near wise. If the result of their 2018 election and his reaction to current crises is any omen, he and his party could receive a major setback this fall.

Why is D.J.T the right person? If the major setback that is expected occurs and is continued “down ballot”, one of the country’s two parties will need a major reconsideration of their ethos. Hopefully the other party (not side as they’re supposed to be on the same side – their country’s) at least examines theirs as well to avoid a major setback when the expected backlash occurs.

All democracies should get back to government of the people, by the people, for the people. Not government of the financial elite by those purchased for the corporations. If a term of D.J.T. causes this reaction, he may have been the right person for country.

The Plaidneck