If you believe in the science of climate change but recognize the spirit of humanity, we’re doomed

A couple of codicils and some memories

  1. I was born at the end of WW2. I remember some of the ways things were done in the late 40s and early 50s.
  2. I’ve known (although peripherally) some very independent people.
  3. I’m as much to blame as many.

My family came from farms and farming communities. My uncle plowed with a team into the 1960s. His income was such that all his family went off to earn higher education. It is possible to survive on smarts and actual work

Well into the 1970s, I witnessed working farms cropping with horses. One was in the Bay of Quinte area and I understand was just too tight to spend money on a tractor. The other was working an alfalfa crop and the field was a bit damp. Apparently horses were a better MO for the conditions.

A couple of old bachelors I met did a lot of work we now rely on machines to perform but they did it by hand.
• one lived in a one room residence
• He built himself, walked the 3 km (2mi) to town for supplies.
• He split his wood with an axe.

• the other lived in a small house
• He trimmed his lawn with a grass scythe. It was at least as neat as mine after a couple of days.

Now none of us can scythe (nor even use a reel mower). Unless we live on a newer city lot, we most often have riding mower. Any of us still using wood most likely have a gasoline powered splitter and put up 7 to 10 chords.

I consider myself a red Tory from Bob Stanfield’s era. I remember back when before global warming became climate change and we called the problem the North (first world) South (third world) Divide. A red Tory (Joe Clark) said that in order to put things back into balance, the “north” would have to take a reduction in standard of living. That reduction was not small. It was suggested that a 30% reduction was needed to start setting things right.

Have we done that? No. We’ve actually increased our consumption of things in an attempt to supposedly increase our standard of living.

Will we give up our standard of living? Sorry, I doubt it.

We’re doomed

The Plaidneck