Entitlement – Part 1

What is it with certain groups today? Why do so many feel so entitled?
• I get to ignore the law because I’m – in government
– rich
– better than you at ___ (you fill in the blank)
therefore, I’m entitled.
• I do nasty horrible things to others because I’m an athlete and I’m entitled.
• I deserve to have someone give me that service because I’m entitled.

There are a number of concepts that should govern behaviour.
• for every right there is a responsibility
• democracy is equality before the law
• peace order and good government

Our recent problems with Canadian Senators arose by some claiming things to which any responsible person would never think of claiming just because a loose interpretation of the rules they work under seems to make it possible. Whether you believe in the Senate or not, they are there for a purpose and most of them work on performing that purpose. That work however should not include double claiming expenses; allowances, etc that in fact shouldn’t be justified. I used the word shouldn’t on purpose. Not every action requires a law or a rule; some things just are.
• How could they call what they were doing good government?
• If one of us pulled a similar stunt with our employer, we’d expect to be fired and probably prosecuted.
• Just because they were in government did not entitle them to forget responsibility

There was a recent court case in the US where a couple of high school football players felt hard done by when the court convicted them of rape, kidnapping and illegal use of nude images. They were upset because the verdict could ruin their lives. High school football is close to religion in parts of the country. Team members are held in high esteem. However, this does not bring with it an entitlement to get away with despicable behaviour. They advertised their actions in social media. They were guilty.
• They had earned the right to be sports heros. That however did not give them that right to inflict pain on others.
• Being heros did it put them above the legal consequences even though they seemed to think it would.

Somehow parts of our society have forgotten responsibility.

(part 2 to follow)

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  1. Another Plaidneck

    2013/10/17 — 16:06

    Waiting for part two!

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