Last week (I think I must have missed posting this – last week was May 3rd) , I drove along a route where in the Fall the colours we here in the temperate zone find particularly resplendent. However, this is the Spring.

I noticed that Spring colours have their own beauty.

In the fall, we have the deep green of the evergreens, the brilliant reds of oaks and maples and the yellow/orange of the aspens. Colours we set aside time to venture out and enjoy; colours that tour operators advertise and take people on road trips to see.

In the Spring, we just say, things are greening up. Yet Spring greens have their own charm:

1. There are still the deep greens of the various coniferous species,
2. There are the pale greens of the aspens and their kin,
3. There is the reddish green of budding maples, and
4. There are the greys of the bare tree branches of trees with slower developing foliage.

Take the time to enjoy some of the simpler colours of Spring.

The Plaidneck