In the west, we are supposed to elect Governments, not Rulers.

Somehow, we have forgotten that.

A recent statement by the vice president of the US, eminently illustrates this trend.

In response to brinkmanship from North Korea, he said, “not to test Trump’s resolve.” Although the Presidential system places considerable power in the hands of their leader, the government still is a president-appointed cabinet balanced by an elected house and a vetted judiciary.

Wouldn’t a more democratic statement have been “do not test OUR resolve.” The US system was not designed to be headed by a dictator.

Here in the great white north, we to are falling into the exalted leader trap. A Prime Minister’s Office led government defended publically by talking points and evasion of serious parliamentary debate.

Our government considers itself to have been elected with a “mandate” but in fact less than 40% of those who voted supported them; our southern neighbours elected a president with support of less than 50% voter support yet both seem to be tending toward an impression that they have received a Devine right to Rule.

Unfortunately, I’m becoming more pessimistic about our ability to even slow this trend. Finding unbiased, researched reporting on events is getting difficult. Without variety, listening and compromise, I’m afraid we could be in real trouble as a global society.

The Plaidneck